Valentines day can be the most wonderful or painful day of the year. Personally I didn’t get a valentines card until I was about 24, so I had many years of knowing Charlie Brown’s pain. I pity the younger me now as I do all of those that believe that finding that ‘perfect’ person will somehow solve all their problems, it seldom does. The truth is we really do need to know… Read More

Shanti ultimately means peace it can also mean calmness, tranquility, or bliss. I think that the image heart shape, points to inner peace. As you will know all the great avatars of the world point to the inner world as being far more relevant to our ‘spiritual’ growth than anything that is happening in the outer one. This is a hard concept for many to grasp but I do believe that only… Read More

I know that those who follow all kinds of ‘new/old age spiritualities’ can at times feel a little alienated and alone, having nothing like the support networks organized religion enjoys. That said I personally believe that is as it should be, as self discovery by its very name is not a group activity. Learning to embrace solitude and silence even within a domestic setting is all a part of the journey to… Read More