The following blog is a cathartic rant please feel free to over look.

First I have to apologize friends for my time away from my blog, This was due to the Internet provider that I had long suffered with cutting me off weeks before my new one (sky broadband) started. This was despite assurances that this wouldn’t happen. It seems that despite a contractual agreement to keep the customer connected during change over of Internet providers, some just decide to pull the plug early as it would seem as a two finger gesture to you leaving them. I had been with BT broadband for many years and never had any problems, but early this year my broadband decided to act much like the old dial up.

As I limped around the Internet I found out how most sites assume you have a fast connection how misguided this is but I digress. Some 4 months later after multiple calls to India (very helpful but ultimately reading from scripts and totally disconnected from my problems) and 3 engineers who just metaphorically shrugged there shoulders and told me yes I can see your connection is slow, but the phone line outside your house is working fine.

I was at my wits end, then finally engineer number 4 came along, like a knight in shining Armour, he was interested in my problem, he obviously new his job but more importantly loved it. He listened to what I thought the fault was and he investigated it and replaced the ancient connection boxes in and on my house that connected me to this phone line that was working fine. This wonderful person discovered that the box I thought was at fault had some wired connection on it that went nowhere, It was left over from the homes past, this wire was just shorting the line and so making broadband connection problematic at the very least . I owe this man a great debt he not only fixed my broadband but restored my sanity as all the other call center people and engineers had made me feel that I had no broadband because I was doing something very stupid.

I had been given a refund for some of the months I had lost after demanding it but now the problem was resolved I waited for the apologies to flood in and the offers of refunds. Silence not even a good attempt at a fake apology, so that was it, I was paying for one of the most expensive broadbands in the Uk and was getting no love and no service, I was as they say in England feeling like a real mug.

I looked around and found that sky (the UK satellite company) was offering the same service as I was getting but for much less money, as I’d been a sky customer for a million years (well almost ) it was a no brainer to go for the switch. Their call center was in Scotland and I had always found them to be fully formed communicators with empathy, humour and even if it was just an act, they offered up a convincing voice that intimated I enjoy what I do and I really want to help you.

Any how to rap up, in the way that BT cut off my broadband and left me high and dry they did what so many British companies do and only saw the small picture. By acting like this they have ensured that I will never ever deal with them again. If they had just let the change over happen smoothly, who knows in a few years I may have given them another go. With this small mindedness they have past up (with good health) another 40 years of my custom and a potential loss of many thousands of pounds but the knock on for BT is unquantifiable for what story will my ego relay every time the subject of broadband comes up? You’ve guessed it .

Surely the millions spent on advertising could be cut and directed to giving a top rate service that will by word of mouth bring you new customers. While my new Sky package is working just fine and I am saving lots of money .I would have stayed with BT and paid more if they had made me perceived that my monthly payment to them mattered.

Finally those of you that do not know the UK phone system may think, yes Aryka but what about the final engineer that really cared, Haven’t you just slapped him in the face by leaving BT broadband . Well no because he works for another company that owns the lines still ultimately owned by BT I would guess but a totally different division.

Challenging perceptions

Since the start of this voyage in late 2006, my life has been forcing me to challenge all my deepest perceptions of life the universe and everything. Many people can go for years on a mental auto pilot, navigating their way through life on beliefs family, friends and even the media put into place long before they, where really able to think on any deep level. Despite often the best intentions people can live a whole life as a slave to a lie that they never even new they where told.

That feeling we have that there must be more to life and that everything doesn’t feel quite right, is our inner self trying to wake us. To question everything is not easy, you will probably find the solid rock you have built your life on crumbling to dust beneath you . You may even find as I said above your whole life is based on a lie, if this turns out to be your truth you then have to ask some very important questions. Does this lie bring me happiness and empowerment and help the world in a positive manner? If you reach the conclusion it does then you may choose to remain in the lie, in the knowledge that you now fully understand that very little is truly what it seems and that all perceptions of life are just that.

What good can come from this soul searching ?

Well no matter if you change your life path as I have, choose to remain in your own fantasy world or live by others beliefs simply because it brings you comfort, you will have freed yourself from the unknowing. You will have become the director of the movie of your life and not just the puppet actor . You will witness events unfolding around you in the full knowledge that you have chosen this script the good the bad and the mundane.

The animal that chooses to remain in his cage even when the door is open, could on one hand be seen as being fearful of the world outside, or he could be seen as simply expressing his true freedom to stay exactly where he wants.

A personal life example :

I grew up in love with America, I longed to live in that glossy country I saw every week on the cinema screen, one day I was able to move to the states and I lived there for over three years. I got to experience many different states across America, it became very clear to me that at that time in my life America was not where I was meant to be. I returned home to England with the true knowledge that the grass is not greener and that England wasn’t my problem, I was. We project our own perceptions on to our surroundings. So if you have a projector that plays the movie ‘woe is me’ you may go to the most visually beautiful place on the planet, get out your projector play your movie and it will still be ‘woe is me’ .

You know this is true, but to face that we are the problem in our life is often the hardest thing to swallow. That much quoted line ‘Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone’ gets many nods of approval from both believers and non, yet how many of us follow this universal wisdom . Many of us condemn everything and everyone around us and fail to cast that critical eye inwards ….

Finally I believe we are all perfection at our core, but sadly we are all coated in lies and misconceptions, held in place by an ego that demands we are this body of disempowering thoughts. As it has been said before, you are not your hand, you have a hand. Likewise you are not your thoughts, you simply have thoughts. Do your self a favour, turn off all your noise in your life, pick a subject that really troubles you and view it from every stand point possible, Honestly defend every stand point as if it was your own and your life depended on it , what will you discover? I believe if you do it correctly you will become unable to totally condemn view points you may have raged against for years. From this you may be able to build a bridge to people you thought you had nothing in common with. Likewise the opposite may happen.

‘Open your mind and free your soul’ …a snappy line but how many of us do it ?

Seek comfort and happiness in stuff.
(Material junk clutters homes, minds and landfills.)
Look for validation in crowds.
(Scratch the surface do the famous look happy?)
Flutter around the glow of despair.
(Watch, read, listen and discuss the news.)
Believe salvation is found in another.
(Friends, lovers, priests and politicians.)
Mine for answers in bibles and books.
(Dissect literature in order to support our cause.)
Wrap ourselves in blankets of noise.
(Most fear the silence where truth resides.)
Try to build a world around solid facts?
(Science is no more solid than anything else.)
Rage against our place in the world.
(Scenery seldom heals a misplaced perception.)
Fight against everything we hate.
(What you appose grows.)
Deny who we are
(Divine essence)
Seek wisdom.
(we already have all the answers within, yet we continue to seek.)

Eckhart Tolle

‘What a funny looking man’ my ego said when I first saw a video of Eckhart Tolle. Funny looking or not his words are timeless. If I had found his work years ago I could have saved myself much grief and debt. I discovered Eckhart’s work just a few months ago and was overjoyed as his concepts fitted in with much of what my work had brought me to realize: That the ‘NOW’ is all that matters – past and future are meaningless, the only time we ever have any control over is the ‘NOW’. One dimension of Eckhart’s teaching that I had not thought of and is very useful is the concept of the pain~body. I always wondered why couples so ‘enjoyed’ that weekend argument.

I have posted some youtube videos of Eckhart below….
His main web site is

If you want to really get stuck in – why not download all 10 of his podcast with Oprah from Itunes (see my post on pod casts soon!!!)

The End of Suffering (below)

Presence in Relationships (below)

What is Meditation? (below)

What is a Podcast?

Well I leave to my good friend Wikipedia to explain:-
A podcast is a series of digital-media files which are distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and computers. The term podcast, like broadcast, can refer either to the series of content itself or to the method by which it is syndicated; the latter is also called podcasting. The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster.

Why do I think podcast are brilliant?

*Well for many reasons Pod casts give you the chance to learn about things the mainstream media has no interest in or could it be the mainstream media has no interest in you being interested.

*If you like radio 4 or the World Service you’ll love podcasts as you can just listen to what you want without all that negative news.

*They are more times than not, totally free and very easy to download and play on your PC or media player such as an ipod.

*If you live in the U.K and are interested in things of a spiritual nature you really have very few other ways of finding out about all the different ideas and concepts.

*Most of the time the production qualities match or exceed that of radio talk shows.

*Very few commercials

How to listen to a podcast…
There are many ways you can listen to a podcast but most of them first require you to download the file containing the program. Now I know not everyone is a computer geek and still for many sending e-mail is problematic!

So this is the easiest way to start listening

Go to

Download the Itunes software (don’t panic it’s free & you can have a PC or Mac)
Once loaded go to the podcast section of the store
Seek out what you want to listen to (most of it is free, but some of the big name stuff costs money… chose wisely)
Down load the file (the Itunes software will do this all for you)
Turn on your PC speakers and enjoy the program

If you find something you really like to listen to you can subscribe to a podcast and Itunes will automatically download the next new program when it is released. It does this only when you open the Itunes program.

As I said there are many ways you can get podcasts this is just the least problematic.

So if you have never listen to a podcast before what are you waiting for – get expanding your brain.



Contrary to popular belief, creation didn’t just stop years ago when the universe was set in motion, it is alive and well in you today. Many people reject the notion that they have a controlling role in the formation of their life, preferring to see themselves as victims of happenstance. While there are those that really enjoy the grandstanding and vocalising of how bad everything is, most people lie crushed under a pile of limitations put on them by parents, teachers, and bosses. How can people ever be more than their school grades, credit rating or job description if they are never told they can be?

Creating something from nothing is impossible so we are told. Yet whether you support the big bang idea or that God created the universe, both theories in essence ask us to believe that everything we see around us came from nothing at all. Indeed you don’t need to look to divine energy to see that this creation from nothing is happening all around us. How many entrepreneurs, musicians, and actors stories have you heard that start from a complete lack of anything that would be required to succeed? Despite such evidence we still believe that we must have all the elements in place before creation is possible.

It has been said thousands of times, but I stand here again to reiterate that everything in the universe no matter how large or small starts with the invisible stuff – thought. You can reject this concept if you wish and I welcome you to do so, but as far as I know no man-made object has ever been brought into being by any other method than starting with an idea.  Another fact that I find is equally amazing is that once the ideas have been created in the minds of people, very few have any idea how they are going to put this dreamlike notion into action.

This very book you hold in your hands shouldn’t even exist in truth, nor should the art in it. I have no qualifications of any worth in either English or art. I have no financial backing, any knowledge of book publishing, or book design skills. I have never been on a spiritual or empowerment course in my life. But despite all this, do you know what the greatest difficulty to over come in bringing you this book was?  It was putting to bed the 35-year struggle to believe I was more than what a handful of so-called teachers said I was. Shame on all those that fill the young with limitations whilst crushing their dreams.

How many great minds and talents lie undiscovered simply because of the limited views of the few? Could it not be that working this very moment in a fast-food chain is the person that could change the world, whose only fault is not knowing they have the power of creation lying within them. If this blog or my life only ever inspires one person to greatness then it has all been worthwhile. It could be said that the divine energy never asked for permission to create the universe. And by giving the power of creation to you it has waived that restriction on you. So stop waiting for miracles to happen and start the creation process. You may think it is the same thing but I can assure you it’s not.

In search of the truth

It is a fact that one life time is very short and it is almost impossible to read, or more importantly understand all the great writings of history. It is especially hard when you take into account that many of their true meanings are covered by layers of misinterpretation and even at times manipulation. Sadly even some of the purest words from the past have been corrupted, much like stars in the sky, these words only show us a fraction of their pure light. Given that this is the case how can we ever know the real truth?

I believe rather than digging in some distant place for a glimmer of this knowledge, great truth. We should all start an excavation in the most remote place of all, a place so covered in myth and lies that many doubt it even exists. This divine temple of knowledge could be situated nearer than you think. This knowing, this truth, it has been said time and time again is within us all, but it is a fact many still choose to reject. Rejection of knowledge which is aimed to help the human condition is nothing new and in many ways that is all part of the great cosmic game? That said even if you do intellectually agree with what I say, it may not be enough to unearth this great truth. I have come to believe it is within us at a level of feeling (not thinking) which is often overlooked. I say this not to dishearten you or to intimate you are not ready or that you must say, do, or think something more.

As it has been said by others many times before, you possess everything you will ever need to make contact with this divine spark, this truth within. We have all seem glimpses of the truth, but once your able to silence all doubts the truth will unfold on every level of your being. Then not only will you know the truth but a peace will fall over you . The monkey minds chatter will reduce and you may even experience large moments of serenity. Personally I do not believe that in this life time the ego can ever be truly put to bed, but at the very least you will begin to know the difference between your ego mind and the universal love (truth).

I’m sure many see this lifetime (lifetimes) voyage as a spiritual race. Many may see themselves as being far behind spiritual teachers, priests, monks and alike in this race? Fear not for this is just yet another trick of the ego, in truth a state of knowing is not raced towards, nor is it gained by thousands of hours of meditation, book reading or chanting. A state of knowing, ‘arrives precisely when it means to’ and often in/at the most un-spiritual of times.

A person who is totally lost can often walk ten paces turn a corner and know exactly where they are. I know then that ‘the truth’ for many is just around the next metaphorical corner.


It is highly probable that you have a calendar on your wall with future events marked upon it, birthdays, holidays, and weekends away, you know the sorts of things. Doesn’t it seem like we are all generally waiting for a time when everything is as it should be… and all our dreams have come true.

Many religious teachings suggest that we are not in a good place right now, saying we are sinners living in this lost and imperfect world. Personally I reject the notion that true happiness can only be found after death, in some heavenly realm in some distant nirvana.  It is my belief that like my past self, people are avoiding the reality that life right now is just as it should be.

It could be this moment in time for you is filled with sadness and despair but this is only your perception. Every minute of every day can be viewed in a positive or negative light is it’s all down to you. Many will reject this concept as foolish and they will always see the glass of life as half empty. I will confess that enjoying the now and seeing it as all good is not easy, but like most things that will ultimately improve your life they rarely are. I‘ll happily confess I still have to monitor my 1st thoughts from time to time, as they still tend to be negative but I fully realize  you can’t change a 40 year old mindset over night.  By simply evaluating my thoughts and seeking the positive before putting them into words or action, I’ve been able to enjoy my day no matter what occurs. Even after a few weeks I found my need to put a positive spin on thoughts lessened as this became more natural to me.

It’s a fact that right now many people you know are not living in the now. Some choose to dwell in some supposed golden age of the past, viewing it through the distorted lens of nostalgia. Others sit and only focus on the future and what it may or may not bring. While I do not begrudge the odd glance backward or forward in time, to dwell in these non realities for long periods does little to improve this moment.  In fact many lives have been wasted in evasion of the truth that this is the only time that matters and you control.

Many believe we can only live once we truly grasp our own mortality, we all know that death is inevitable, but despite this we still believe it won’t happen to us. Beware this foolish deception we play on ourselves, yes time rolls on forever but in our current form our time on this planet is finite.

In closing think upon this, the universe has been evolving for billions of years just so you can experience this very second in time. knowing that can you still view it in such a superficial way? I ask you to savour every minute of every day whatever it brings. Welcome to this wonderful moment in time, one thing is for sure, you will never see the likes of it again.

No news is good news

I, like many have used the quote ‘No news is good news’ on numerous occasions, but it is only recently that I have used this as a way to improve my life. Up until a year ago I was one of lifes news obsessed worriers, a trait past down to me by my mother and fully embellished by myself. On more than one occasion I have truly believed that I and the whole human race were on the edge of annihilation, only to live another 10, 20, 30 years.

It seemed to me that every depressing tale was a build up to the next world war, great plague or mass starvation. The news does it’s best to enforce a view that we live on the verge of total social break down. It became glaringly obvious to me that whatever these events were which were to lead to the end of civilisation; I was most of the time powerless to stop them.

Hours, days and months of my life were used up in fear, much like a broker watches the stocks, I’d track the news allowing it to consume whole slices of my life. This constant barrage of despair was disempowering me and turning me into a harbinger of doom. I was so immersed in this gloom that I had completely over looked how much the news was damaging my mental health, not to mention restricting my lifestyle.

Then one day I simply unplugged from the news matrix: the pictures, the voices and the reams of words ended.  Without a doubt the change to my daily life was profound. You can be sure that keeping the news at bay was not easy; it is everywhere, even my web browser delighted in letting me know the worst, till I found more positive alternatives. Well meaning friends and family tried to fill me in on the gloom, but I had to just ask them to stop or walk away.

The obvious thing most will say is that I’m just hiding from life. That may be true to some extent, but it is for my own well being.  Just like a former alcoholic who must avoid drink, to stop the addiction taking hold again, no good can come from me engaging events that are beyond my control.

For many the news is just a gleeful voyeuristic play of pain and suffering. They may believe this information has no effect on them, but by indulging this warped representation of life, the media monster grows ever stronger. It could be argued that we are now in a time when networks no longer just report the news; they are ultimately responsible for its creation. I would say with great certainty that many of the killings, bombings, rapes and abuses we see in our modern world are inspired by what is seen on the news today.

This media form can clearly be seen as giving the perpetrators of evil a sick form of world celebrity and extreme groups the recognition they need. It is unfair to brand Fictional movies solely to blame for our perceived violent world, in homes that would think twice before viewing a horror film, the news is sometimes on 24 hours a day. Should this branch of the media come with certification or a health warning? I think it would be worth some very deep consideration.

If you believe the world is only full of negativity, I would suggest that it’s your time to reduce your intake of this disempowering media circus. Switch it off, or turn it down, keep it out of your letter box, or delete it from your inbox. Take back control of your life and seek out the good, it’s out there and far more abundant than the current news forms would have you believe.