It will Always be 2000AD

Never ‘Just a Comic’ 2000AD is basically the only thing I still have from my youth. I remember buying Program No 1 in my hometown of Ruislip and using the free gift spinner in the garden, how I wish I kept it on the comic (worth much more with the gift). Despite dyslexia, the pictures helped me make sense of the words and improve my reading ability. I loved the look Judge Dredd and made his badge out of thick card and gun the lawgiver out of wood. In time my favorite character would become Judge Anderson (We now know why lol)

Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper where also characters that stretched my imagination andview of the real world and how people are treated. The fact that movies have never been made for any of these comics great characters is still beyond me. For me, both of the Judge Dredd movies have both sadly missed the mark.

This comic collection has moved with me from England to America & now Scotland, it has been with me through all the twists and turns in my life. It now resides in a safe lock up. Together we have witnessed, friends, family, pets, come & go.

In 1977, 2000AD seemed such a long way away and now in 2018, 77 seems like a different world, and I certainly was a much different person on every level.

Only people who read 2000AD back in the 70’s and 80’s can understand how important it was too alienated, bullied Boys and Girls in a pre-internet age. I can never express my gratitude enough to all the artists and writers who made my frightening lonely school weeks bearable.

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