Goodbye Our Jackdaw

So today I woke up with all the joys of spring (despite it snowing again), but then alas my world was saddened. My routine every morning for the last three years is to get up and go outside to visit our hand reared Jackdaw Egg (not a very original name I know)

For the longest time we thought Egg was a boy, but when she laid three eggs last summer we discovered that was wrong

This morning, I went about my normal routine to alas find her dead sitting on her very well constructed and warm nest. She passed in her sleep, I know not why, but it was a good way to go. I must confess my heart broke, not really because of her death, but her brave determination for life.


Egg almost died more than once when we 1st found her.


When we found her she was a fledgling near to death and not in a good way at all, over weeks and months we nursed her back to health. Hand feeding her, teaching her how to drink, bathe, and even fly.

She was a tough old bird, she loved nothing more than sitting on our shoulders while we sang to her, she would fluff herself up and say her customary ‘WHAT!’ the usual sound most jackdaws make. She, like all my animals, was truly spoiled. I was not allowed to release her back into the wild as she was just too tame. So her aviary and adjoining shed was massive, with plenty of water, food, shelter, and toys to amuse. While it would sadden me that she could never fly outside, she did have a very interesting, safe and loved life.

Many people I guess would not even understand why we would bother to try and care for this type of bird, but Jackdaws like most animals are far more interesting and intelligent than most people think. However, it requires time and patience to understand any animal, two things many people sadly don’t possess.

I could not let her life and the joy she brought to us go without comment. May this post be a fitting tribute to this wonderful and often most overlooked of birds.


You will always have a place in our heart, my wonderful friend
Egg  Spring 2015 – March 2018

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